The Dainfern College Foundation and volunteers enthusiastically broke ground at ReShomile Primary
School on Saturday 11 March, commencing the establishment of a food garden and a vegetable tunnel.
The Dainfern College Feeding Scheme, run under the auspices of the Dainfern College Foundation,
supplies monthly food parcels to more than 150 orphaned and vulnerable children at ReShomile. As these
food parcels contain non-perishable food items, the Foundation identified a need to supplement the
children’s diet with fresh produce.

In early 2016, Dainfern College pupils and teachers enthusiastically embraced the concept of the One seed
can … ™ initiative. Everyone planted bean seeds and, as a result, hundreds of home-grown bean plants
were taken to ReShomile Primary and planted in their existing vegetable garden. To ensure a constant
supply of water so that the plants could grow, the Dainfern College Foundation donated and installed two
JoJo water tanks at ReShomile. The Grade 7 ReShomile pupils took on the responsibility of maintaining the
vegetable garden and were rewarded with their first harvest in April 2016. A delicious, home-made bean
and potato soup was prepared for the pupils the following day, resulting in many happy faces, as well as full

Following this positive success story, Dainfern College Foundation was delighted to receive a very
generous R50 000 donation from Nedbank. This has enabled us to take the existing garden to a whole new
level. The establishingment of a dedicated food tunnel is a secure and advanced manner of growing
vegetables to supplement the children’s diet.

The commitment of ReShomile Primary School staff and pupils has been vital in ensuring the success of the
tunnel and vegetable garden. Their dedication and involvement in ensuring that the gardens are maintained
has been an empowering and educational exercise. Ms. Gugu Mdlalose, Deputy Principal at ReShomile, is
quoted as thanking the Dainfern College Foundation for ‘unlocking our potential through this process’.
Hungry children cannot learn – the food parcels, together with the additional vitamins and minerals from this
fresh produce, will contribute to healthier children who have increased concentration at school.
Community relations and Ooutreach are an integral part of a Dainfern College education and the
Foundation is proud to increase the impact of the educational facility on the world around them.