The Dainfern Foundation teamed up with the Nedbank Foundation to sponsor a food garden and vegetable tunnel that will assist the school in providing meals for the children daily.

Re’Shomile Primary School is situated in Diepsloot and lies in the heart of informal housing, spazarettes and churches. There are over 1000 students who come to learn here daily and many find inspiration and safety behind these school’s gates.

Recently, the huddleUP team was contacted by the Dainfern College Foundation to get involved and see how we could create long lasting value at the school. Considering that there was an existing garden structure that had been looked after by staff and CWP workers, it was no issue for us to regard an expansion and improvement of the garden.

The Dainfern College Foundation, who have done much work with Re’Shomile Primary and support their feeding scheme, decided to do something more for the school that could function as an initiative run by community members and parents themselves.

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