Dainfern College Feeding Scheme


This is your opportunity to be part of changing the life of a vulnerable child

The Dainfern College Feeding Scheme, run under the auspices of the Dainfern College Foundation, currently feeds 173 vulnerable children of Iterele-Zenzele School, 30 children from the LEAP School and 198 vulnerable children of Reshomile Primary School in Diepsloot. All the children registered on the feeding scheme are from previously disadvantaged communities and most rely on the feeding scheme as their sole source of food. We currently distribute one food parcel to each child every month but are targeting to raise sufficient funding to be in a position to feed each child twice a month, as these children are in desperate need of further assistance.


The Feeding Scheme is funded solely by donors to the scheme and 100% of the funds are used to finance food parcels that each child receives, with staple food items like maize meal, long-life milk and baked beans. One-time donations or monthly debits of any amount will help us achieve this goal. The Feeding Scheme is administered by Mrs Cheryl Coetzee with the assistance of parent volunteers. Our grateful thanks go to all of our Dainfern College parents and other donors who already contribute to the Feeding Scheme.

How can you support the work of the Dainfern College Foundation?

There are many ways for you to be involved with the work of the Foundation – your time, expertise, skills, and funding.

Monetary Donations

The longevity and quality of any great school can only be guaranteed if it has satisfactory financial resources. School fees are an important part of funding at Dainfern College but are not enough to support projects that will have a lasting impact.

Funding for the Dainfern College Foundation is sought through once-off, monthly or annual donations as well as bequests.

Funds and donations in kind can be contributed for dedicated projects within a specific area or for general investment and use, at the discretion of the trustees.  Donations are tax deductible in terms of Section 18 A of the Income Tax Act and as a Public Benefit Organisation, we can offer a tax certificate for your donation

Each contribution reinforces Dainfern College’s position as a world-class centre of educational excellence that is increasing the impact of our educational facility on the world around us.
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Donate via online donation

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Donate via Snap Scan

Volunteer Services

Are you thinking of becoming a volunteer?  Here are a few reasons that could help you make up your mind.

  • You make a difference!
  • You learn something new
  • Volunteering promotes personal growth and self esteem
  • It brings people together and you make new friends

We have many community-focused initiatives that rely on the time and assistance from volunteers.  Please be in touch to find out how you can get involved with one of our projects.

Donations in Kind

In-Kind donations and services are greatly appreciated as it enables us to keep the cash costs lower.

For example:

  • Do you have expertise in vegetable gardens?  We could benefit from your help!
  • Are you in a position to contribute food products to our Feeding Scheme?
  • Help us be more environmentally friendly by donating reusable shopping bags for our feeding scheme – it will also lower the cost of each food parcel

About Us

Dainfern College provides a South African education to young South Africans to enable them to live a full and rewarding life in South Africa.

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