The Foundation aims to assist with ensuring that there is a replenishing of the supply of ‘best of breed’ leaders and teachers to lead the College at every level and continue our reputation for excellence. Internships and teacher in-service bursaries for further study are examples.

The Tertiary Bursary Fund: Dainfern College has established a Tertiary Bursary Fund for deserving Dainfern College students or alumni to obtain their teaching qualification. These candidates participate in our mentorship programme throughout their training.

The Teacher Internship Programme: Dainfern College has established a successful Teacher Internship Programme. Three Interns have successfully completed the Teacher Internship Programme and we have four teachers currently on the Programme.

My Story

I have been so blessed not only to have had the opportunity to be a pupil at Dainfern College but also to be a teacher at this phenomenal school. In 2000, I started in Grade 5 at Dainfern College and I made wonderful friendships that I still have today. I enjoyed the passion of the teachers as well as the many opportunities that were given to us as pupils to grow and develop. In 2004, at the end of my Grade 9 year, I left Dainfern College; however I still remained a part of the community as my sister continued here and matriculated in 2012.

In 2012, I had reached the end of my studies and I was given an internship at Dainfern College Preparatory, where I learnt so much from the staff and felt an instant connection to the pupils. At the end of that year, I applied for a position in our High School to teach Mathematics, English and isiZulu as these were my majors at university. I was overjoyed when I got the position and I have been on the staff at the High School ever since. At the end of 2015, I applied for the position of House Director and became the House Director for Kraken Grade 8s and 9s.

Dainfern College has continued to give me many opportunities as an adult to grow and develop professionally as well as personally, as it did when I was a pupil. I have been given the opportunity to further my studies by completing my Honours in Psycho-Educational Support, which has aided me in my role as House Director. I was also given the opportunity to go on the Epic Asia Tour in April 2016 with 32 pupils and three staff members. This tour created bonds with students whom I did not know
well before the tour as well as strengthened bonds with those I had taught. It was an experience that will stay with me for many years to come.

Dainfern College truly is a family and I have felt the warmth and genuine care of both students and teachers, especially when my grandmother passed away in 2015 as well as more recently, when I shared the exciting news of my first pregnancy. From my first day as a staff member at this remarkable school, I have felt completely embraced and a part of this special place. It truly feels like home.

Michelle McCarter née Lailvaux

Kraken House Director: Grades 8 & 9

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Dainfern College provides a South African education to young South Africans to enable them to live a full and rewarding life in South Africa.

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